[NTLK] New Video Found! Knowledge Navigator Take 3!

Ryan newtontalk at me.com
Thu May 27 03:51:38 EDT 2010


Apologies, to anyone who has already seen this.

Wow, never have I seen this video before.  It features the Knowledge Navigator, Alan Kay, Steve Wozniak, and Alvin Tofler.

It was, apparently, a concept video done by Apple in 1988.  This is actually a better take on the KN than the original one in certain respects.  I love how functional it is with its prop up stand.  In some ways it seems so much better than the iPad.  And if anything, the Courier is just a copy of this.

In fact, I like the design and function of the KN so much, it is just a wonder why Apple didn't go after it.  Too business like?  Not iPod enough?  I would love to start a company whose sole purpose would be to make this device, both the software and the hardware.

Two things I am really missing on my iPad: a prop up stand (can't be overstated) and a stylus for drawing and text input.  I love it, but it could be even better with these two things...

Thank you,


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