[NTLK] New Video Found! Knowledge Navigator Take 3!

Larry Yaeger lsynt3 at beanblossom.in.us
Thu May 27 13:37:09 EDT 2010

At 6:32 AM -0700 5/27/10, Dennis B. Swaney wrote:
>On 27/05/10 00:51PDT, Ryan wrote:
> > Two things I am really missing on my iPad: a prop up stand (can't be
> > overstated) and a stylus for drawing and text input.  I love it, but
> > it could be even better with these two things...
>I have both: a stylus from TenOne Design, Apple's case that also serves
>as a stand, and a wire stand that holds books open works as a stand for
>my iPad.

What software do you use the stylus with on the iPad (and iPhone, if applicable)?

And, yes, I was going to tell Ryan to get the Apple case for the iPad.  It only works as a stand in the landscape mode (not portrait), but it is *really* handy for that.  (I use the case to provide a stand to read the iPad while I'm eating quite a lot.)  And it is extremely thin, with an excellent surface texture that makes handling it a pleasure.

The iPad is definitely the best e-reader ever, IMO.  Because I had a fair number of Kindle books from Amazon, and because Amazon's selection is currently better, I've stuck with Kindle app on the iPad, rather than using iBook.  But if something ever comes out as exclusive to iBook, that I really want, I'll be perfectly happy to purchase it over there.

- larryy

P.S. Neat video.  Thanks, Ryan.  I think I actually did see that back when it was originally produced, but I'd only remembered excerpts.

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