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On 28/05/10 14:41PDT, Michael Hurley wrote:
>> Francis Scott Key's poem "The Defense of Fort McHenry" is set to the
>> music of a Revolutionary War song called "Adams and Liberty" (I'm not
>> sure which Adams is meant, John or his cousin Samuel; I suspect the
>> latter).
> I've never heard of this "Adams and Liberty" before. Do you have a
> citation for it? I'd be interested in finding the lyrics.

OK, I did some research and found out the following:

1. It was written in about 1798, so it wasn't a Revolutionary War song.

2. It was used as a campaign song for John Adams, so poor Sam Adams is out.

3. You can get the lyrics here:

4. You can get an mp3 by Oscar Brand here:

5. More info:


Or just Google "adams and liberty" and you'll get about 12,700 results.

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