[NTLK] Manybooks.net is interesting

Richard Plume rplume at sympatico.ca
Sat May 29 10:59:03 EDT 2010


You're right, there are millions of them (or at least a very large
bunch). However, at least for me, the computers I have access to (other
than those at home) don't have PCMCIA slots. They do have CF or SD slots
or, in many cases, a card reader (with CF/SD slots). To me, at least,
having something that uses either CF or SD cards makes much more sense.
Even my MP3 player uses CF cards (and runs on AA batteries) (it's an old
Frontier Labs NEX IIe-b).

As for size, I like them small. I've never lost any because of their
size, but I can carry a few extra in the space normally taken by a
PCMCIA card.


--- On 5/29/10, Matej wrote:

I don't know about you but I find all types of cards too much hassle
because they're usually so small (physically) and there's a million
kinds of them. PCMCIA cards seem to be the most sane and compatible

Not to mention that only laptops (and even then not all of them... where
have I seen a MacBook with a card slot of any kind?) ship with card R/W
units... or am I missing something?


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