[NTLK] Modern Tablets and the Stylus: Sound Off!

robinson pereira gaudo1196 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 10:33:57 EDT 2010

yes. stylus is very usefull



2010/11/4 Ryan <newtontalk at me.com>

> Looking back at the Knowledge Navigator, there wasn't a stylus.
> But that's because of the AI built-in.  That smart assistant does all the
> hard work for the user, and is a completely different paradigm of computing.
> But modern tablets don't have anything close to that functionality.  And
> even if they did, I think the stylus still has a place.  For instance,
> drawing on-screen with a Photoshop desktop mirror, like the Wacom Cintiq.
> The MS Courier is also a very interesting concept.
> What do you all think about the stylus and modern tablets.  Does it have a
> place today?
> Thank you,
> Ryan
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Robinson Pereira
Brasília - DF

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