[NTLK] Back Again!

Stephan Weber ashkelon at gmail.com
Sun Nov 7 14:16:41 EST 2010

I've spent the last 3 years traveling and consulting, and had to cut down on
what I carried with, so the Newtons, along with my beloved GRiDs, and HP
Windows CE handhelds had to stay with my son. He was interested in them, and
life went on. Got back, and found he was not using them, so they are now all
back home, in varying states of disrepair.

The Newtons, not surprisingly have held up the best. After cleaning up some
leaked battery acid (darn kid) and charging, they are all up and running,
data intact, and no faults.

Now I will be getting back up to speed. Most interested in finding about
reinstalling sync software on my windows 7 system(s). Also replacing a weak
backlight and getting the modem going again.

Pleased to be back. While my slate is wonderful, nothing beats the instant
readiness and battery life of my newtons. I missed them very much.
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they work with everybody else.
When the job's done,
people are amazed
at what they accomplished.

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