[NTLK] Newton on iPad and/or iPod touch

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Fri Nov 12 02:08:57 EST 2010

On 11.11.2010, at 20:07, Andre Garzia wrote:

> Matthias,
> On the topic of building the source for the iPad, how one goes to include
> the ROM? My newton screen broke earlier this year but I could extract my ROM
> out of it before all the mayhem. Since I have an iPad and am into the
> developer program, I thought that an iPad newton would be better than no
> newton at all but I still don't know how to put the ROM there. I know it
> should be there during the build process but what should the name be?
> newton.rom is not working...

It's supposed to be named "717006" and it goes in the "_Data_" directory. Other ROMs may or may not work, but the name should be this.

 - Matthias

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