[NTLK] Handwriting vs keyboard

Stephan Weber ashkelon at gmail.com
Fri Nov 12 13:40:28 EST 2010

I type, accurately, in the realm of 80+ wpm on a standard keyboard. I'm also
very fast with thumb keyboards and even the little HP Palmtop. I was a
professional musician, and I think it's fallout from that. Nimble hands.

I have tight, fine, "copperplate" printing, and actually have had to learn
with Newton to be larger and "sloppier" for accurate recognition.

I prefer to write, even though I actually had to recondition my hands to
doing lots of writing. I've found that both my emate and my win 7 slate with
a wacom digitizer do a very good job with my handwriting, especially if you
actually take time to do the recognition exercizes that come with windows
ink and allow the slate to get a gool handle on your script.

I love being able to seamlessly drop pictures in my notes. I love not having
to drop my keyboard and grab the mouse! I love the "stealth" of no keyboard
sounds in classes and seminars.

And maybe most of all, I love collaboration without the "wall" of a laptop
screen between me and colleagues -- and I'm not "pecking" or doing much of
anything they notice -- I'm effectively writing on a pad. Very soon they
forget that it's not  paper.

And the "real estate" afforded for design, sketching, etc has it all over
those tiny palms.

The PC, and I suppose the ipad have the advantage in real estate, colour and
easy sharing thought normal collaboration software and internet access.

Newton -- instant on, battery life and the amazing durability of both
hardware and data on the Newton. Just brought a 2x00 and two emates back to
life after 3 years. Charged them up, dusted them off and that was it.
Everything intact, running and right where I left it.

The Masters don't give orders;
they work with everybody else.
When the job's done,
people are amazed
at what they accomplished.

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