[NTLK] Connection lost, Ethernet & Wifi problem

Sylvain Pilet sylvain at pilet.net
Tue Nov 16 16:16:45 EST 2010

Hello all,

Here I have a trouble with my 2x00 Newton, they refuse to connect to  
networks, whether by WiFi or wired ethernet card.
I'm not really a novice on the subject, but here I do not understand.
Of course the good drivers are installed, both for testing wireless  
cable that NIE is instaled two, everything should work, but not :-(
I tried on 9 different MP2x00, and more than 20 network cards (WiFi  
Lucent WaveLAN Gold, Silver, Proxim, Cablecom tried with both driver  
versions), Ethernet card 3Com 3C589C, 3C589D and other Faralon ...
But nothing works, or rather it works ONCE, the first connection  
works, whether in print or network to connect to the net, but then  
Newton refused to properly walk the network cards (WiFi or Cable) .
The connection starts, the led on the cards are activated and then  
stop immediately and the connection software continues, but the card  
are off (might say), even before they really try to connect. The  
tests are made either by DHCP or by IPFIX, but nothing helped.
Sometimes, strength to change the configuration settings (in Pref>  
AppleTalk, where in OnwerInfo> Home (or Work) or even in  
InternetSetup) it works again, but once...
Grrr, I hate not understanding...

Does anyone have an early solution to this problem?

Note: the All PCMCIA card work on other computers.

See you soon ...


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