[NTLK] Connection lost, Ethernet & Wifi problem

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While that was mildly entertaining, I have little idea what you just said...sorry, I had my only French class in the 8th grade...that was at least three decades ago.

The problemin posting in a language unfamiliar to many of us is that we are thusly unable to contribute anything to what you have said, to agree to or to refute it. Perhaps such a message should be sent directly to its intended recipient.

Just a thought.


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Le 17/11/10 01:02, « Sylvain Pilet » <sylvain at pilet.net> a écrit :

>Hi Bruno,
>My ADSL box is LiveBox Orange. It is the same for 7 years. It still
>works fine. It is useful only in WiFi in the garden.
>For my intranet, I have a router (Apple Airport), also quite old. But
>the problem does not seem to come from these elements.
>Thank you anyway

C'est pas possible ;-)

La Freebox est sortie en 2002, et la Livebox est sorti en 2004, donc
maximum 6 ans ;-)

C'est pas possible que tu as la même Livebox depuis 6 ans...

Et en sachant qu'il y a 3 constructeurs différents... 2 français, et un
asiatique ;-)

Ta borne AirPort c'est quel modèle ? Pour les Newton c'est la grise,
l'originale qui est la plus compatible...

Avec une bonne vielle carte Orinoco inside ! Et en WEP 40 bits... Soit 5
caractères ASCII !


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