[NTLK] Einstein on Android?

matthiasm mm at matthiasm.com
Thu Nov 25 11:14:16 EST 2010

On 24.11.2010, at 20:21, Jon Glass <jonglass at usa.net> wrote:

> On Tue, Nov 23, 2010 at 11:12 PM, Matthias Melcher <mm at matthiasm.com> wrote:
>> Also, Android is usually programmed in Java, Einstein is C++. There is a native API, too, but AFAIK, we would have to compile individual versions for various Android platforms out there?!
> I always held out hope that Einstein would be fully ported to the
> N800, N810 and N900 by Nokia, but it doesn't look like that's ever
> going to happen now that they are moving to Meego. :-( (It is
> stylus-based, and a perfect size IMO.)

Well, Einstein has a pretty smart structure and can be ported to all kinds of platforms. But to get it working well, a week or two of work is needed by a developer who knows the destination platform inside out. We already support four platforms which is pretty cool IMHO. I'll be happy to help someone to port to Android, but I don't have enough spare time to do this alone.

 - Matthias

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