[NTLK] [ANN] MCEscher Backdrops on UNNA.org

RAParker raparker at newted.org
Thu Nov 25 16:28:59 EST 2010

Testing the UNNA.org submission, approval, file-naming, description  
adding, beginning to ending, processing, etcetera and etcetera-ing...

I am proud to announce the availability for immediate download...

(don't you love how I'm dragging this out)


The M.C. Escher Backdrop Collection


A collection of gray-scale images, from graphic artist M.C.Escher,  
prepared for use
as backdrops. The images (in this backdrop collection) have been  
selected for their Newton-esque quality. They have been cropped and  
sized, to accent your Newton, in whether in portrait or landscape  

The PKGs are specially prepared Newton Press eBooks. They provide  
direct download to your 2x00 or eMate, and then immediate use with  
Avi's Backdrop. GIFs are also provided for previewing, downloading,  
and then usage with other backdrop apps.


To preview the collection for yourself, check out UNNA directory:

or see my Flickr collection of "brilliant backlit green action" shots:


For downloading, using your wireless Newton of course:

M.C.Escher Backdrop #4 - "Drawing Hands" Lithograph, 1948

M.C.Escher Backdrop #3 - "Gravity" Lithograph and Watercolor, 1952


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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