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R A Parker RAParker at Newted.ORG
Tue Oct 5 02:02:00 EDT 2010

On Monday, October 4, 2010 at 8:27 am Forrest wrote:

> While working on all that
> it occurred to me that perhaps
> using another email provider
> might make things work more
> smoothly...so

Ah... little green-hopper. You have found the answer and yet you still fumble with the backlight off. (light on... light off... light on... light off... )

> I created an alias within
> my MobileMe account.

This is like a sub-account with its own email address, login and pass? Correct I could follow along, but there may be no need. I've done this on Yahoo and now I'm on GMail. What you are trying to achieve is... achievable... even with the bugs in Mail V filters .

> My latest difficulty involves
> downloading email from that
> alias...

This is where you lose me with a sharp left turn, instead of the smooth right turn, I was expecting.

My end result (for me) has always been multiple email accounts. No matter how many email accounts I have, one is the master account. And, one is my Newton's account.

Yahoo was my master account for many years. Now, GMail. Why? Filters! Since 2005, I have used Mail V filters, and the "One Master" philosophy, to selectively download my mail without ever running into any disharmony. (I love how the Zen theme is continued!)

> Mail V wanted to download EVERYTHING
> (1000+ emails) from my MobileMe Inbox
> which is mostly NewtonTalk stuff.

Yes... this can happen. But with the (afore-mentioned and soon, subsequently mentioned) filters, it will not matter. And, no Mail V WON'T DOWNLOAD everything.

Remember: Filters are a FIRST IN / FIRST OUT action result. Your first (TOP) two filters should always be:

1) Ignore older than 3 Days (or 7, it's up to you)
2) Ignore if > 30KB

All 1,000 can be skipped and Mail V will remember where you left off and continue (the next day, the next week, the next month) right at 1,001. Even if you deleted the first 500, Mail V will continue at 501, it's that smart. The bad news is you have to get through that 1,000... no matter what. That process can take Some patience as well as cancelling (stopping) about every 180 (or so) to make sure Mail V doesn't choke and hang. (or should that be the other way around)

OK... now you can add more filters, beyond those first two, with the understanding that the first two are implicitly applied, with every connection. Those two cut out the "too big and too old to be on your Newton, anyway" kinds of messages.

> At this point I took a
> long look at the filters
> setting in Mail V...and
> found some serious
> discrepancies in setting
> up those filters.

Keep it simple... first in, first out... less is more... "has" and "hasn't" have a better fung shui. Avoid the "is" and the "isn't" because they won't and don't.

> I settled on a method of
> filtering that should download
> only email from individuals
> found in my Newton's Names program.

hmmm, you may be better at this than you are letting on.

> But--it doesn't work.
> Has anyone here had any
> similar experiences?

No... Never.


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