[NTLK] Mail V

Forrest anasazi4st at me.com
Sat Oct 2 04:21:38 EDT 2010

On Oct 01, 2010, at 02:15 PM, R A Parker <RAParker at Newted.ORG> wrote:

Align your pen :-) 

Out and about, I'll help som'mo later.

WELL...while YOU are "out and about" making unfunny jokes, _I_ have found a possible--albeit imperfect--and temporary solution.

My MobileMe account (and the alias I just created) isn't used for very much personal email...so, setting up the filter so it ignores email if the sender is not in Names (description reads, "ignore if sender unknown") should provide a *marginally* satisfactory solution.

Despite the "aligning of pen" remark, there must be something wrong with Mail V's Filters setup. Try playing around with different options--like the one I described earlier, which would be the best one for the usage I've planned ("if an item's TO RECIPIENT...Isn't NEWTONPHOENIX...then IGNORE IT" [Caps are used to indicate *my choices* in the dropdown menu selections]). Watch how it either jumbles the meaning or simply ignores certain choices (for example, choose "Cc:recipient" and watch it leave off whatever you write after--or, choose "Cc:recipient", "isn't [whatever you put here]" and "ignore", click ADD...inside the box I have "ignore if sender is"...that's quite a bit different).

I have reset the Newton a couple of times...I have deleted my email access settings in Mail V and started over--twice. I've spent about two hours playing around with this, before coming up with this compromise. SO--excuuuuuse ME if the "align your pen" comment causes me A LITTLE irritation, after all that...like it was that simple. ;)


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