[NTLK] Einstein internet

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Sun Oct 3 09:29:36 EDT 2010

On 03.10.2010, at 12:47, Moshe Waisberg wrote:

> I am running a 2007.7 Windows version of the Einstein emulator.
> Installed NE2K.pkg.
> Installed all the NIE packages.
> Installed NewtsCape.
> Added a profile to Internet Setup.
> Browsing to a page fails...so when I try test via Net Test (Using "My
> Ethernet", Card "PCMCIA Ethernet") I get alert "GrabLink Failed. Internet
> Error -61001"

There is no network support for the MS Windows version yet. It should be easy to update the source, but currently I just don't have the time.

 - Matthias

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