[NTLK] Y2010 Fix Idea

Woody Smith woodysmith at comcast.net
Sun Oct 3 15:51:14 EDT 2010

you can still bring your 2x00 into the current year with Eckhart's  
current system patch.

It is working very well.



On Oct 3, 2010, at 10:16 AM, Marco Mailand wrote:

> Dear all,
> by chance I looked into the good old NTLK digest since long time now
> and came across the Y2010 proposals to fix the date'n'time reset
> problem. I've managed to apply the Y2010 fix before the begin of the
> new year, somewhen in December 2009 and experienced the reset problem
> soon in January of this year. Then a colleague pointed me to the iPod
> touch and I managed to get a new unit on the German eBay including use
> of a 50EUR voucher which made the 64GB unit half priced.
> I find it amazing that there is still so many people around an keep
> the Newton alive. I have mine also always somewhere in reach but must
> admit, that I prefer meanwhile the iTouch. It's display could be a
> little bit bigger but that's mainly due to my eysight which gets worse
> by age. I also could never manage to read and delete e-mail on the
> Newton as fast as I can do with the iTouch, beside the fact of easy
> internet connectivity in my house and the city center where I work
> close to.
> However, the ink feature and the HWR of the Newton do I really miss on
> the iTouch. The processor and hardware would be capable of being
> Newton-like or even better but the software is not that far advanced.
> Also the energy use and the fact that the Newton goes to sleep
> practically as much as it can is not realized with the new
> technologies. There is some applications - probably written by
> amateurs - which do not operate like their functional pendants of the
> Newton.
> So with one smiling eye do I use my iTouch daily now but the other eye
> is still looking into the deep green past.
> --
> best regards to all,
> Marco Mailand
> mailto:Newton2k1 at gmail.com
> Switzerland

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