[NTLK] Mail V

Forrest anasazi4st at me.com
Mon Oct 4 11:27:08 EDT 2010

I have some more information on Mail V's use of filters, based on my experience and after some "playing around"....

The story so far:

As detailed in my jocular recent email exchange with R A Parker, I've been trying to use my Newton a bit more for email...I prefer Mail V. I've been using the program for quite a while now, but it was much more casual in nature. Recently I decided to start using it on a daily basis...and I encountered some problems, mostly with the setup...which after some experimenting I got around, for the most part.

While working on all that it occurred to me that perhaps using another email provider might make things work more smoothly...so I created an alias within my MobileMe account. My latest difficulty involves downloading email from that alias...Mail V wanted to download EVERYTHING (1000+ emails) from my MobileMe Inbox...which is mostly NewtonTalk stuff.

At this point I took a long look at the filters setting in Mail V...and found some serious discrepancies in setting up those filters. I settled on a method of filtering that should download only email from individuals found in my Newton's Names program.

But--it doesn't work. Mail V still tried to download 1000+ emails, nearly all but about 5 of which were from my MobileMe Inbox...in short--the filtering attempt failed miserably.

Has anyone here had any similar experiences?

Thanks ,

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