[NTLK] (OT) (FS) MP2100 package for sale

Miro Copic miroc at frontier.com
Fri Oct 8 21:47:35 EDT 2010


I just realized that, with all those iPhones, iPads... I have not
touched my Newton(s) for over a year!

So, it's time to send it to some hands which will be more
user-friendly than mine. I still have my old MP130, and I'll
keep that one if I need to remind myself of the avangard,
awsome technology I was, once, a part of.

So, my original Newton MP2100 (not an upgrade) is up for
sale. It is a complete unit, with nothing missing - other than
those two plastic PCMCIA dummy cards to cover empty
PCMCIA slots. Has all the covers, has original stylus. Looks
good, works good, backlight is still OK, even after 12 years.
There is not a single scratch on the screen. I just restored/erased
it for this sale. Original rechargeable battery keeps, probably,
a couple of hours of power. Original Newton 9W power adapter
is a part of the package, as well.

I will include Calyse leather case, 8MB memory card, 3com
Megahertz Ethernet card with dongle, original Newton-to-serial
adapter, and original AA battery tray. I had two Lucent Wavelan
Silver wireless cards somewhere - cannot find them. If I see them 
around, one will be in a package. Also, Keyspan's seria to USB adapter
will be included.

I'm asking $80 shipped, anywhere to 48 lower US states.

Best, Miro

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