[NTLK] (OT) (FS) MP2100 package for sale

robinson gaudo1196 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 19:24:32 EDT 2010

> can you ship it to brazil? i can pay thru paypal. 80 dolars plus
> shipping. --

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> Hi,
> I just realized that, with all those iPhones, iPads... I have not
> touched my Newton(s) for over a year!
> So, it's time to send it to some hands which will be more
> user-friendly than mine. I still have my old MP130, and I'll
> keep that one if I need to remind myself of the avangard,
> awsome technology I was, once, a part of.
> So, my original Newton MP2100 (not an upgrade) is up for
> sale. It is a complete unit, with nothing missing - other than
> those two plastic PCMCIA dummy cards to cover empty
> PCMCIA slots. Has all the covers, has original stylus. Looks
> good, works good, backlight is still OK, even after 12 years.
> There is not a single scratch on the screen. I just restored/erased
> it for this sale. Original rechargeable battery keeps, probably,
> a couple of hours of power. Original Newton 9W power adapter
> is a part of the package, as well.
> I will include Calyse leather case, 8MB memory card, 3com
> Megahertz Ethernet card with dongle, original Newton-to-serial
> adapter, and original AA battery tray. I had two Lucent Wavelan
> Silver wireless cards somewhere - cannot find them. If I see them 
> around, one will be in a package. Also, Keyspan's seria to USB adapter
> will be included.
> I'm asking $80 shipped, anywhere to 48 lower US states.
> Best, Miro
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