[NTLK] Something to do with the eMate and Modem

SC steve at craftsathome.net
Mon Oct 11 21:23:57 EDT 2010

Yes, modem.


I was catching up on some Apple II newsgroup stuff and came across a post
about a person potentially using a dialup connection (for example the $24/yr
text Chebucto Community Net in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada) and then
automatically getting weather like what is available at


So now I'm thinking that it would be cool to do the same with the eMate (and
NSBASIC?). Not using the internet connectivity and weather add-on we are
familiar with at UNNA, but something potentially "lighter weight".


All thoughts appreciated on the subject.









[ I am hoping that my recent email problems have gone away and I can
actually send/receive NTLK messages now ]

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