[NTLK] Going Green (again)

D. R. mrramsay at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 13 13:51:51 EDT 2010

Hello List...
I've been a part of NewtonTalk for quite sometime and have owned every Newton PDA created. As with many, the advent of many PDAs/mobile phone technologies after the Newton caused the use of the unit to become less popular. I've always maintained (like many of you) that the Newton was WAY ahead of it's time. Being an iPod Touch owner, and a Mac user since '91. All the hard work and efforts of the community in "Keeping The Green", such as Eckhart Köppen and Avi Drissman's work on the Y2010, the work done on NCK for Mac OSX, Einstein emulation and other software apps, has kept my Newton alive and running again: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4063/5077814871_49b14f25cc_z.jpg.
This note's a hearty thanks to entire NewtonTalk community and beyond! It's good to be using the Newton's great HWR capability again and I'm looking forward to loading up alll the apps I used years ago...maybe FINALLY get it up on NPDS again.
Cheers and kudos to you all.

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