[NTLK] Using Newton - Simple Pleasures

Doug Ramsay mrramsay at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 22 01:07:42 EDT 2010

Yesterday, as I occasionally do, I went to my local Borders Books after work. It's kind of a wind down spot for me before I head home from the office. Usually between 5 and 6pm, the cafe is pretty crowded and the tables next to the outlets are usually taken up by laptop users. Since I happily travel with my MP 2100 again, I thought I'd take that with me instead of the Powerbook. Surely enough...no seats were available, so I grabbed my usual bottle of Tazo Tea and sat down, opened up the MP and began to take notes updating some basic operating procedures in my studio. As it always has, the HWR pretty much flawlessly converted my handwriting to text and before no time, I had an entire outline ready to sync to my Mac mini when I got home. 
The simple pleasure of writing out the notes vice pecking them in with my two thumbs or an index finger was....satisfying. Of course I got the *usual* curious looks from a far while taking notes, almost feeling the questions coming forth.... That too, was cool.
Have Newton, Will Travel (...and work).
Have a good one.

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