[NTLK] Serial Port repair or replacement?

Smith Woody woodysmith at me.com
Fri Oct 22 23:28:41 EDT 2010

Hi Lloyd and welcome if you are new to Newton Talk.

You can search the Archives for "interconnect port solder" and  
variations to read some of the history on this concern.
I have followed the list for a few years and don't recall anyone who  
has success at repairing this problem.

Fortunately if you use a Mac, you can get along without it for  
everything except the keyboard with NCX.  Search ethernet.
Windows users and mac users can set up a web server to install  
packages via web browser.
In addition to James' link you can also look at

If I couldn't return the unit I would consider installing a new logic  
see J&K sales.

If anyone can re-solder the connector it would be Frank.  See his site  
for disassembly instructions


On Oct 22, 2010, at 8:04 PM, Lloyd A. Conway wrote:

> Greetings, Newtonia:
>        My newly-won '2000 has serial port issues and I was wondering  
> if
> anyone had had similar experiences, and if so, how they affected  
> repairs
> (if they did, that is).  I bought the necessary adapter, and after a  
> few
> successes, the connection became spotty, so much so that I could not
> load a large file.  After about a week, I could no longer connect at
> all.   Perhaps I bumped the adapter and knocked something loose, or
> perhaps it was lose to begin with, or...?
>     Your thoughts, experiences and suggestions are welcome. Thanks in
> advance.
> Regards,
> -Lloyd Conway

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