[NTLK] Newton Saved Apple

Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Sat Oct 23 12:38:01 EDT 2010

Thanks mucho for this link! Sculley's interview 
provides crucial perspectives and understandings 
of Apple and Jobs.

Makes transparent for me why so many/most 
nuts-and-bolts geeks flee/despise Apple's STYLE. 
(Tinkerers are also frustrated by Apple's 
hard-to-penetrate/modify products, especially 
compared to mass-market/cheap DOS/Windy boxes -- 
these contrasts were much greater in earlier 
decades when Apple fell to few % of PCs.)

Sculley's portrait suggests Jobs was always after 
the non-geek crowd, that is, most humans.

Especially loved learning Sculley's estimate 
Apple lost about 100 $M on Newton. (A number of 
estimates are much higher, but I know of none 
more credible.)

While revenge may well have been one of Jobs' 
murder motives, Skulley makes clear an iPad is 
much more Mr. Design's sort of product than 
über-utilitarian/efficient/minimalist Newt -- 
exceedingly elegant though it is in its 
inimitable, perfect ways. iPad clearly more for 
consumer market than productivity workhorse Newt, 
much more suited to Jobs' massive ambitions.

A is for Apple and alpha pack leader.

S is for Siddhartha (meaning: he who achieves his 
aim) and for Buddha admirer Steve: the former 
abandoned a royal legacy for mindfulness and 
inner peace, the latter proved how wrong his 
parents were to abandon their colossally valuable 
first-born, whose inner anger and royal-like 
tyranny must never be compared with Big Brother 
Bill, the monster symbolically vanquished by a 
sledge-hammer-flinging Olympian goddess MacIntosh 
in 1984.


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