[NTLK] Serial Port repair or replacement?

Woo vitcitylb at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 24 03:55:38 EDT 2010

In addition to all the other posts and suggestions, definitely get the 'better made' serial port internal adapter, if you intend to use a newton keyboard or other Ndevices that require a serial connection.

Since you're using a MacBook, ethernet card cable connection will be much faster than serial.  Only drawback is having one PC card slot left for either a large memory card or wifi card.  


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>Greetings, Newtonia:
>        My newly-won '2000 has serial port issues and I was wondering if 
>anyone had had similar experiences, and if so, how they affected repairs 
>(if they did, that is).  I bought the necessary adapter, and after a few 
>successes, the connection became spotty, so much so that I could not 
>load a large file.  After about a week, I could no longer connect at 
>all.   Perhaps I bumped the adapter and knocked something loose, or 
>perhaps it was lose to begin with, or...?
>     Your thoughts, experiences and suggestions are welcome. Thanks in 
>-Lloyd Conway
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