[NTLK] Making Newton Books on an Intel Mac

Noah Leon moosefuel at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 24 23:22:18 EDT 2010

Hey all,
I've been trying for a week or so now to make text documents into newton books using the Windows version of Newton Press (downloaded from unna.org) running under DarWine for OSX, and have had some success. 
The problem is that when I export the book to a pkg file and load it up on my newt, there is a portion of text missing from the bottom of each page. About a small paragraph's worth--at the end of each page where the text is cut off there is a "..." and it doesn't continue on the next page.
After opening up the Press file I was working on, I noticed that on each page of the project, the text is there. However, the dimensions of the document look a little screwy. I tried all the different modes, Universal, 2x00 portrait and lanscape, they seem a little long in the vertical dimension. I thought maybe this was a font problem, so tried all the different fonts. Still exported books have text missing.
Has anyone had any success with the Windows version? I noticed that there is an update for the mac version, not sure if there is something available for Windows one too. Besides the rather large glitch it works really well.
(Oh, and BTW I like poutine too (living in French Canada), and it is pronounced POO-tin, as was mentioned in an earlier digest!)
Thanks in advance.noah 		 	   		  

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