[NTLK] Making Newton Books on an Intel Mac

Noah Leon moosefuel at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 25 21:15:22 EDT 2010

Thanks Woody, I'll try that. It for some reason didn't occur to me to look in the archive for a solution.
I also seem to remember a classic mac app which simply converted text into books, it might have been called Paperback, or something like that. I'll investigate that too.

> *Following relates to your problem.
> "A second frustration was a quirky error that occurs in the newton
> book reader where some lines are truncated with a series of ......s
> and the text seems to be lost, it is actually there you just cannot
> see it.
> With Newtscape and HTMList installed I found that I could save a
> specified page range to Newtonworks and read the book in the word
> processor with any font I had installed.  This was certainly quicker
> than making a new Newton book and solved both of my frustrations."
> *Keep curser near where you are reading.
> "But an even better approach is to save the page range, including all,
> to works as html. Then in Works change the isdn#, keeps the original
> book safe from the next step.  Until you have some experience don't
> change anything else.
> In Newtscape preferences 'appearance' set your preferred font, size
> etc. for text and headings and select or specify book size such as
> 280 x 302 for 1x0 newts or 298 x 388 for the 2x00 or even a little
> bigger to eliminate the frame.
> Now in Newtscape tap file and choose open Newtworks, select your book
> and it will open in Newtscape with your preferred font (even those
> not offered in Newton Press) I like Casual. Now save as package and
> you will have a new Newton book. If the table of contents was setup
> in the original it will remain in this new copy though additional
> items may be included such as all headings and items set as bold in
> the html code.
> Until you get used to how long it takes stick to smaller books, and
> freeze ups in works due to insufficient heap can corrupt a storage
> device so use a card with nothing valuable on it, make sure no notes,
> names or dates are there by using the appropriate applications.  With
> everything frozen that you don't need I think the upper end is about
> 500 newton pages.
> Images can be saved to Newtonworks but be careful as your chances of
> crashing is enhanced, and it can and will corrupt the memory device.
> Have fun with your newton as a book reader and maker.
> Woody

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