[NTLK] Using Newton - Simple Pleasures

Lloyd A. Conway ssgconway at juno.com
Tue Oct 26 19:26:11 EDT 2010

     Thanks, Forest, for the catamount link and the advice on how to 
deal with the dongle.  (Yes, I'm considering the mo-board replacement, 
and have contacted J&K Sales to inquire about buying one of theirs.)

While poking around the Catamount site (PocketMoney vendor) I found this, which shouldn't be new to more experienced members of the NewtonTalk list..http://www.catamount.com/HWRTips/HWRTips.html

While I don't personally agree that printing is a better method than cursive, the posting is full of excellent HWR tips...

I'm happy to see that the damaged serial port problem hasn't dampened your enthusiasm for using your Newton. I can tell you that it's very easy to replace the logic board...the hardest part is finding a parts Newton on someplace like eBay!

-Lloyd Conway

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