[NTLK] Making Newton books on an Intel Mac

Noah Leon moosefuel at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 27 21:18:58 EDT 2010

Hi Lloyd,

I actually found it yesterday on UNNA.org. It works well for short documents, and it sizes itself to fit whatever screen size, which is nice. There is also a Windows version which works great under Wine for mac. But there is no bookmark feature, and it doesn't remember the page when I close and re-open it, which makes it a little less useful. However, I plan to use it anyway as I said for short docs. 

I also had some success with Newton Press when I reduce the font size of the entire document to 9pt and remove all formatting. It's not an ideal solution, and it's tiny, but it works ok.

Thanks for your help!

>Noah, The classic Mac is called 'Paperback.' I have it on the HDD of my 
>PowerBook 1400. W/O a CD drive, however, I can only send it to you as an 
>e-mail attachment or on floppy. (I do not recall it's license status, 
>but it almost assuredly is something I downloaded from the late 
>Versiontracker site, or from Tucows, or some other site for Mac 
>freeware.) If you're interested, please let me know. Regards, -Lloyd On 
>Oct 25, 2010, at 8:15 PM, Noah Leon wrote:

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