[NTLK] Installing the internal Emate memory expansion

Smith Woody woodysmith at me.com
Fri Apr 1 10:17:16 EDT 2011

Make sure it is a memory expansion module.  I have seen ROM boards  
offered as emate memory.
It should have either Newertech or Microtech one it and it will look  
different than the ROM board.

You have been getting along without it but the  memory upgrade not  
only increases heap but also doubles storage memory.  If you are going  
to use the emate with an ethernet card, yu will find it useful.


On Mar 31, 2011, at 6:12 PM, Dan wrote:

> I was afraid of that.  I don't recall Franks post about it offhand but
> the flashing light and beeping indicated a fault to me.  :/  Now the
> question is to return it (bought it on ebay with a 30 day warranty) or
> see if it can be fixed.....
> I never had a emate with the module, does it really make much of a
> difference?  I know heap would be increased and make it easier for  
> large
> heap using applications such as web surfing, although I am not
> interested in doing so at this point.

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