[NTLK] Damn You Auto Correct!

L.W. Brown lbrown_MoveOn_MCC at me.com
Sun Apr 3 17:23:04 EDT 2011

It worked pretty damn well, as the original link demonstrated, 
but the public's /perception/ about its accuracy was a key issue, 
after price…

On 3. Apr., 2011, at 17:12 PM, Grant Hutchinson wrote:

> Questionable ink to text translation did not "help kill the Newton" at  
> all.
> While it certainly provided a lot of jokes at the platform's expense  
> when the Newton was first released, it wasn't a primary cause of its  
> downfall. The HWR in NOS 2.0 still kicks the ass of most current  
> technologies. It was one of the platform's strongest points, in my  
> opinion.

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