[NTLK] Damn You Auto Correct! - Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories

Riccardo Mori rick at newted.org
Sun Apr 3 23:25:58 EDT 2011

quoth Andrew Scott Beals:

> Dude.  Public perception.  A decade after it got Steved, the public still remembers it for stuff like "egg freckles".

Public perception doesn't self-generate, though. Usually it is informed -- or in this case misinformed -- by the media. The Egg Freckles story ridiculed the handwriting recognition of the NOS 1.x devices. Then the HWR improved, a lot, but the better MessagePads were terminated before their image could be properly 'defended'. Who cared to give good press to them at that point? It was too late, so they went out the door with the reputation of the earlier Newtons. 

Thankfully, this community -- small but amazing -- in all these years, with its work and dedication, has contributed to give them back a bit of the reputation they deserve.

IMHO, etc.


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