[NTLK] Damn You Auto Correct! - Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories

Jon Glass jonglass at usa.net
Wed Apr 6 16:20:13 EDT 2011

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 10:13 PM, Grant Hutchinson <splorp at mac.com> wrote:
> There were no laptops available in the same price range as the Newton
> in the mid to late 90s. Between 1993 and 1998, the various MessagePad
> models retailed from $500 to $1000. In 1998, there was no such thing
> as a sub-$1000 laptop. Period.

And this is what drew me to Newtons in the first place, I bought a
used 1,3 NOS 120 for about $400 right before or after NOS 2.0 came
out. I was able to leave my Mac Classic behind, and get a desktop
machine, and take the Newton on the road (together with a StyleWriter
II) for months on end, and leave my computer at home. I could never
have afforded a laptop at the time, and it did yeoman's duty,
including writing and printing letters and envelopes, as well as
scheduling, expense accounting, and email (including NTLK). ;-) This
lasted for almost a year on NOS 1.3 before I upgraded when I cracked
my poor Newton's screen.

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
<jonglass at usa.net>

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