[NTLK] Storage card specifications

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Thu Apr 7 17:15:07 EDT 2011

Welcome.  As for the site I referenced it does say quite clearly that
linear Flash 12v write works in all newtons.  However while you can read
12 volt cards in emates you can't write to them.  For example:

Newton 2MB Flash Storage Card, P/N: H0008LL/A (for all MessagePad
models, eMate: read only)  This is a 12v card

Newton 4MB Flash Storage Card, P/N: H0230LL/A (for MessagePad 120 (2.0),
130, 2000, 2100, eMate) this is a 5v card.

The cards above were actually made by Apple for Newtons.  They can all
write to 12v cards.  Emates can only use 5v or 3v cards.  Newton 2.0 can
use 12v, 5v, and 3v cards (with the exception of emates which I just
mentioned).  Newton 1.x can only use 12v write Flash cards.

With regard to attribute memory, correct the site does not mention that.
 However up until a few years ago almost all cards had the attribute
memory.  Now newer electronics don't need it to function.  But most
older equipment still does.

As for rechargeable vs replaceable batteries in SRAM cards, I would get
replaceable if the option is available.  Yes it does take power from the
newton to charge the batteries.  However the newton does not have to be
on to do this.  But I would not get one with a rechargeable battery for
the simple reason as they will fail in time.  Disposable SRAM batteries
last a LONG time and are easily replaced as well.  Heck I have a Apple
SRAM card that I have never replaced the battery for and it is still
going strong (which I have owned since late 90's).  Although I might do
it soon just for the sake of its age.  The length of time that a normal
battery will last in a SRAM card will vary.  I have one card that uses
them up more quickly, but then again it still took almost 8 years to do
so. :)

By the way, here is a trick with replacing batteries in SRAM cards: have
the card plugged into your newton while you replace the battery, then
you won't loose any data.  Some cards have a capacitor to keep the
charge going for a few minutes while you replace the battery (oddly
enough they often called it the backup battery), but not all have this
feature.  So unless you have your card backed up, it is best to play it


On 4/7/2011 2:48 PM, Rusty Miles wrote:
> Thanks Dan, I hadn't considered the heap issue.  That's a good point.  I won't be getting anything bigger than a 4MB card for my little MP100.
> I have seen the site you noted and used it for reference.  Unfortunately, it doesn't say anything about "attribute" memory on that site, and when one goes looking for cards now, like at the synchrotech site, cards are offered as either with or without attribute memory.  From the original post that started this thread, Bradley seemed to be pondering if he needed a card with attribute memory.  From what I understood from your response last month where you quoted PCBMan, the Newton required attribute memory which is information I though Bradley might find useful for his pondering.
> The site you referred to seems to state that there are three types of RAM cards, SRAM, Linear Flash and ATA; and that all versions of NOS can use SRAM memory but only NOS 2.0 could use Linear or ATA type cards (ATA type with the driver that Paul wrote, thank you Paul).  If you have an older Newton with the older NOS (a MP100 with NOS 1.3 in my case), the only available option was the SRAM card.  The main difference between an SRAM Card and Linear Flash Card was that the SRAM Card required a backup battery, which in my mind would be the main way to tell them apart.
> Again, if I have this wrong please tell me.
> One other thing I was pondering while I'm on the subject... I noticed on the synchrotech site that they had cards with replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries.  The information on the rechargeable battery cards says that the batteries recharge when the card is plugged into a PCMCIA card slot (on a 'powered up' system I assume).  I'm thinking that might not be a good option on the Newton as it would just drain the Newton's batteries faster in order to recharge the cards batteries.  Any other thoughts on that subject?
> -Dazed and confused in Nashville (Rusty)


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