[NTLK] Twitter Client

SteveC steve at craftsathome.net
Thu Apr 7 19:56:21 EDT 2011

Maybe I just need to have Newt's Cape installed and have it script-timed to
get tweets every n minutes from the Twitter web site? Hmmm...

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Although I basically lost all of my Newton OS software (Waba bits,
bookmaking stuff, etc), I am getting re-motivated a little. I was thinking
that a 2100 or eMate would make an interesting Twitter client, just checking
for tweets every n minutes.


I am agnostic about language, toolset, everything (although I own NSBasic).
Any combination of ideas on how I might make this "go" would be appreciated.
Help me think about options? While I could probably code something, I am not
above stringing together multiple existing apps to make something happen



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