[NTLK] Archival Storage (was: Storage card specifications)

Lix Diogenes lix.dio at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 23:31:00 EDT 2011

It's also interesting given it's vintage (as in, it's been around since before DVD's, or CD burners or any of that malarky. Many years back in the UK I was outfitting a new design/marketing group and decided to go with 3.5 inch MO drives rather than the then ubiquitous Bernolli (sp?) cartridge drives. While the designer was skeptical at first, she quickly became amazed at how resilient the things were: you could basically just toss an address label onto the disk case and mail it out without having any concerns about damage in transit to the printer or repro house. We did come across a few printers who hadn't yet caught up with the technology, but they in turn came around to it, and were very impressed.

As the IT admin, I also used MO for "things that we cannot possibly lose" -- sure it wasn't as fast as tape, was a little more expensive than disc, but it was basically 99.9999% solid.

And again, I'm rambling. Sorry!

On Apr 8, 2011, at 6:44 PM, Dan wrote:

> Just did a check and I think it is the price point that really kills it.
> I am seeing 3 GB MO disks for $26 a piece or 5gb MO 5.25 size for $50.
> Considering that you can get 50 DVD's that hold 4gb each for less than
> $20 USD, it is little wonder why it hasn't taken off.  Even if it is a
> great method.  Too bad they never got the price lower.  :/
> -Dan

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