[NTLK] Re-Celling A 2100 Battery?

Lord Groundhog lordgroundhog at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 11:54:46 EDT 2011

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> Hi all.
> Does anyone know if there are options other than NewtonSales for
> re-celling a 2100 battery?

Option 1:  go here:


This is part of Frank Gruendel's very excellent website and explains how to
do it yourself.   Follow his instructions very carefully and precisely,
assuming that every word has a reason for being there and every diagramme is
showing you something important.  You will end up with a tremendous sense of
achievement as well as a re-celled 2100 battery pack.

Option 2:  at the bottom of that web page is an explanation of what is
involved in having Frank do it for you.  It won't be the cheapest solution,
but if you have any doubt about your own ability to do the job after you
read the instructions, and if you are willing to pay the very reasonable
cost, the result is a re-celled 2100 battery pack that is also a work of


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