[NTLK] Leverage and or Filepad windows connection program

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sun Apr 24 22:02:22 EDT 2011

Well I managed to find a version that works with 1.2 of Filepad.  It
does not work with the newer version that everchanging released.  There
is a nice mac connection tool for that but not windows (at least I
haven't found it anyway).  But the only difference I have found between
the old and new versions is the ability to beam databases or entries.
Not a large "deal breaker".  At least in my case.  There are other
ultities to copy/beam soups, although beaming entires would have been nice.

I also found the source code if anyone is interested in it (the author
released it but couldn't find the windows link tool at the time).


On 4/24/2011 4:58 PM, Dan wrote:
> Looking for the Leverage and or Filepad windows connection programs.  I
> thought I had the leverage one but I am not finding it at the moment.
> Filepad I have the mac verison but the windows one is missing.  Filepad
> was released as freeware but the author lost the windows connection tool.
> Anyone happen to have or see these around?

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