[NTLK] Extremely negative experience dealing with Newtonsales.com

William T wllm_t at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 30 23:40:35 EDT 2011

I agree, but it's bologna, not baloney.  :)

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> Sigh. OK, here it goes one last time... Apologies to everyone else on the list
> for this, but the facts should be given some chance to speak for themselves.

Aaron, I'm not List-Mom, or admin, or mod, or whatever kind of list-honcho
you want -- that's Grant -- but I'll stick my neck out a little because I'm
becoming an old man fast enough that sometimes I feel like exercising some
of the rights of being an old man (cantankerousness, being a busybody,
speaking my mind even though nobody wants to hear it).  Now's one of those

1.  As I said before, on the assumption that your description of events is
right, I feel for you.

2. OTOH, if the opposite assumption is the truth; i.e., that KN's
description is correct, I would find myself feeling sympathy for him instead
of you.  See the problem here?  There are 2 other ways of looking at this:
KN's version of what happened, and what really happened, which might be
different from both your account and his.  No one on this list is in the
position of knowing the truth, so getting us involved probably isn't helpful
to you or KN or anybody else.

3. And here's the really important thing for both you and KN (IMHO):
NewtonTalk is not the place to settle this kind of thing.  We CAN'T solve
it,   [a] unless you both agreed to put all the evidence (not accusations,
*evidence*, like pieces of paper and copies of correspondence and so on) at
our disposal, [b] unless you both agreed that you would abide by our
decision without question no matter what it turns out to be, and finally,
[c] unless we agreed to accept that responsibility.  Since I don't see any
of these 3 things happening before hell freezes over, all that either of you
are going to accomplish is stir up dissent on the list (and maybe even
scorch the list with a flame war) and perhaps risk violating defamation laws
against one another.

I think the real place for this to be handled is somewhere like a court of
law -- small-claims court or the like -- where you both can show evidence to
a judge and let the thing be dealt with properly.

So please guys, don't keep doing this here.  Whichever of you turns out to
be the innocent party, I'm prepared to feel bad for that person having to
put up with all the baloney on the way to being vindicated, but I don't see
how anything worthwhile can be done by bringing your beef here to

Just my 2 cents.  
[/cranky old fart=OFF]


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