[NTLK] Newton 110 (inop) and floppy disks - free to a good home

Lloyd Conway ssgconway at juno.com
Sun Jan 2 13:49:49 EST 2011

Happy New Year to all who read this:
         I have a Newton 110, given to me by someone else on the list, 
that i'm willing to part with for the cost of postage ($4.95).  It does 
not work, is missing all external parts - battery door cover, stylus, 
ewtc., and has no on/off switch or Irda window.  When I put 4 AA 
batteries in it and actuate the on/off switch with a paper clip, I can 
hear a faint chime, but the screen, which is in perfect condition, 
remains blank.  The body, including the flip-up screen cover, is in 
otherwise very good condition and appears to have had minimal use.  (The 
paint is still a flat gray color and is not shiny from wear.)
    I also have some Newton utility floppies for Windows that came with 
the last Newton I bought.  I have never used them, but for the postage - 
I'll put them in a padded envelope for a couple of bucks - they can be 
    Please contact me offline if you want either of these items.
-Lloyd Conway
  Charlotte, Michigan

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