[NTLK] G3 Death / old Compaq

David Schultz dschultzjr at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 14:56:32 EST 2011

On Jan 3, 2011, at 1:56 PM, Stephan Weber <ashkelon at gmail.com> wrote:

> I recently rebuilt my ex's Wallstreet to use solid state drives (XD cards in
> a sled) and he's loving the light weight, quiet and long battery life. But
> that's the first and only time I've worked on one of those machines.
> I do have a collection of older pc's including my old GRiDs which are near
> to my heart, but especially this old Compaq Armada, which is small, light,
> tough and even carries it's power supply on-board. My DOS machine of choice,
> but used for little more than games at this point.
> I've been thinking about putting XP on it and using it for my backups.
> As you say, the most reliable machines I have, still running after all these
> years with basic maintenance, and some replaced batteries -- and when I was
> irritated about having the power supply on a $3K machine under 3yrs old
> fail, the kids at the big box store acted like "what do you expect -- it was
> nearly THREE YEARS old".
> Gods!

It naturally explains the dilemma of the new see-all be all PC laptop; one cannot have a blue-ray DVD CD-DVD burning wifi and WLAN accessing Bluetooth sporting SSD or 7200 rpm SATA drive of gigantic proportion with blistering gaming video card and built in multi MB video camera without some modification of reliability expectations. They do so much more, they break so much more. The new battery's from Apple have ridiculously long life compared to my wallstreet. Bound to be headaches associated with living in the future. (still waiting for my jet pack)

I turned on my beloved BELOVED twentieth anniversary mac that I practically lived on while living and working in NYC. After a short and delightful trip down memory lane I switched it off. Sooooo slow!

I think 3 years is more of an indicator of how I've changed in my perception of speed. Not the mac I'm using. 


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