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>> Thanks for the response. I've included your site in the Newton Phoenix Links listing.
>You're welcome, thank you.  I'm not sure it belongs in the "no downloads" section, as it's mostly downloads, but most of its content isn't available via UNNA so it doesn't really fit there either.
>A major rework of the Newton Book Reader Extension for Firefox is in the works; I was hoping to get it released during the holiday, but it didn't pan out.  It's not yet quite stable enough to release to the world.  For now the old version is still available at:  http://www.newtonslibrary.org/nbrdr/
>> Great effort, by the way. Good job!
>Thanks, enjoy!


That's a good idea...I'll move Newton Library to the Downloads section. I had considered that being for only software downloads...but thinking about it, I prefer having it there, it makes sense.

Right now the Newton Phoenix site is not Newton-friendly as far as accessing from the device...while I would very much like to have it be that way, I'm not sure that that's a possibility right now, with what I have available as software to create pages and for managing the site...so I wouldn't think that will happen anytime soon. Perhaps just the LINKS page could be set up...I'll look into it.


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