[NTLK] Einstein on iPad news

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Wed Jan 5 23:08:36 EST 2011

On 06.01.2011, at 02:12, Charles Mangin wrote:

> great news, Matthias! i'm planning to get an iPad in the next few weeks, and this is something i'm definitely going to install on day 1.
> have there been any other improvements with this release? speed, stability?

I did not have any stability issues with Einstein. Paul's code is quite bullet proof (if I occasionally get crashes, it's usually in my code mess ;-), but all that seems fixed.

Speed is another issue. I can devote very little time to he project. Increasing speed would require had-optimizing the JIT compiler and the MMU code. I have no idea how much acceleration is still in that. I would prefer to recompile the most used parts of the ROM though, but that would require even more time, but likely lead to a 100 fold (10,000%) speed increase in these sections. The big trouble maker is still the MMU emulation, because it can fire an exception at any time, so we have to retest over an over during emulation time.

 - Matthias

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