[NTLK] HP-Palm Tablet Being Shown off Feb. 9th

Ryan newtontalk at me.com
Sat Jan 15 05:16:52 EST 2011


I just heard, HP-Palm will show off, among other things, their much anticipated tablet computer running WebOS.  From the sounds of it, HP is really betting a lot on it.

Because HP-Palm designs the hardware and software, coupling both together, just like Apple, and because WebOS is such a good OS, I think this will be "the" iPad contender.  iPad will still dominate, but this tablet will be second in terms of marketshare, then the PlayBook and Galaxy TabS (next generation Tab).

Word is, it's going to have about a 9"ish screen, weigh 1.25-1.5 lbs., and be minimalistic in its design.  Here's an excellent overview of WebOS 2.0 for smartphones.  I believe the tablet will be running a special WebOS 3.0 for it.  What's clear is how well the OS is geared for multi-tasking.  It looks like it will translate the best over to tablet computers.  In many ways, I like it more than iOS.  All Apple did was just port over iOS from iPhone onto the iPad.  I like iOS, but it's not the best on a tablet.  Apple could have done things like a Dashboard with several widgets running at once, for instance, to take advantage of the larger screen, and differentiate it from the iPhone, for instance.

I really have high hopes for WebOS.  I think it's going to gain traction with consumers more than the PlayBook or even Android, because it's, as it sits right now, better, and easier to use.

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