[NTLK] FW: iFixit: Apple ¹ s Diabolical Plan to Screw Your iPhone

Lord Groundhog LordGroundhog at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 06:29:44 EST 2011

~~~ On 2011/01/22 05:28, Ed Kummel at tech_ed at yahoo.com wrote ~~~

> But you gotta admit, it fits Apple's Type 1 control freak attitude towards
> their customers. 
Personally, I'm not surprised if Apple does indeed go
> through such extreme lengths as to put in a restricted screw to keep people
> out of their hardware.

It's not surprise that I feel, Ed, it's frustration.  It's one thing to be
made to use what was at the time an exotic but available Torx to crack my
Mac Plus, and another to be confronted with "pentalobe" headed screws for
which suppliers are few and far between.  It's this extra little step that
shows a different intention.  The first felt (and I emphasize "felt" here; I
don't claim anything more than that) like a decision by my neighbour to
build a higher fence between our two gardens; the second feels like my
neighbour deciding to establish an armed watch tower between our two

And it isn't as though Apple maintains such an all-embracing, lavish,
no-questions-asked exchange policy that they need to protect themselves from
customers going into a machine, ferretting around in it and breaking it,
then returning it for a new one.  So what *are* they protecting themselves
from?  Customers who liberate themselves from the need for expensive and
time-wasting submissions of equipment to Apple's repair programme for easy,
safe, routine maintenance tasks like changing an iPhone's battery or
removing dust curls from around a computer's fan?  Or is Steve becoming
paranoid about spies -- spies and WRECKERS who will sneak into brazillians
of Macs and Apple devices while they're still on the warehouse shelves to
saboutage them?  It just seems a bit over-the-top to me.

Excuse me.  I have to go off and buy a few pentalobe tools now.  ;-)


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