[NTLK] Emates with repairs, upgrades

Stephan Weber ashkelon at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 11:43:51 EST 2011

Over the years I've gotten my emate hinge repairs and battery tray
installations done by Ed. gilgamesh21 at hotmail.com

He accepts paypal. I hope he's still working, I've not talked with him in
awhile. I have several emates I'd picked up in stock condition, but after
the backlight failed on my primary emate, I met Ed.

His standard machines are so inexpensive that I've not bothered to actually
repair the ones I'd used previously

Typical machines from him include the charger, have repaired hinges, strong
backlights and clean cases. All for $79.

For another $20, he converted them to a battery tray and rechargeable
batteries (included!).

I have ordered several machines from him, both for myself and as gifts. What
he has depends on supply, but I'd check with him. I'm sure you could work
something out to have him fix yours if there's nothing on hand.

Right now, one of his machines is sitting beside me, charging. I admit a
real fondness for my emates, and they see more use than the 2100 does these

Realize these prices are a few years old.  But his work is superb and the
fresh backlight is wonderful.

The Masters don't give orders;
they work with everybody else.
When the job's done,
people are amazed
at what they accomplished.

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