[NTLK] FW: iFixit: Apple ¹ s Diabolical Plan to Screw Your iPhone

Ed Kummel tech_ed at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 22 23:55:52 EST 2011

You know...you might just be on to something...we all *KNOW* that the Newton and it's ever vibrant band of active...and vocal...users are nothing more than a big 'ole festering thorn in $Jobs side. I'm convinced that he would like nothing more than the Newton and all of it's followers to just "disappear", never to raise their ugly heads again in his Utopian i-whatever world.
So, perhaps he is creating an environment whereby the i-whatevers that he is creating today will never last the 13+ years that the Newton has, thereby never creating a thorn in anybody's side ever! Planned obsolescence on a grand scale! Make it impossible for this current crop of technology to be valid beyond a 2 year window...this way, he can sell his newer technology to the same people who have already purchased his current technology. you know...kinda like selling to the choir!
web/gadget guru
(btw, you do realize that the above is rather tongue-in-cheek, right?)


And I'm not even writing as someone who does all my own Newton work
(although truth be told they haven't needed much), just as someone who has
the option to learn from things like Frank's excellent guided tour through
the guts of a machine and tips posted here from time to time.  For the rest
of the time I would rely on the subset of our group whose expertise will
continue to blow someone like me away until I become more knowledgeable in
all things Newton. 

Still just my two small and nearly worthless copper coins.  :-)


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