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You've done a lot of reading and drawn a lot of material together.  That Rolling
Stone interview is a classic.  There are many messages in their for the
technology designers of today to digest.

I'm in your camp.  In a recent interview John Scully admitted that, even though
one might know what the philosophy is behind Jobs' MO and how its done, its not
easy to replicate.

He knew that Jobs placed high standards on form and function.  He knew that Jobs
sought a minimalist aesthetic.  Apple's designers of the day knew it too.  They
just couldn't implement it.  Projects got overly complex and lost their way and
in the process, cost a bucket or more.

Apple enjoying another heydey and in Smartphones, one could argue that they are
the "mainstream."  Will Apple be able to avoid making the same errors it
observed of mainstream producers of the past?



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If you're interested in technology and Steve Jobs, you might find an article I
did interesting:




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