[NTLK] Syncing Names NCX

Noah Leon moosefuel at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 6 12:27:10 EDT 2011

So I figured out that PulpFiction is a passphrase, not an app, and I have TimeReporter working on my newt. Thanks Matt and Dan.

I have a new problem for Simon Bell and NCX. I'm running Snow Leopard with quite a lot of names in my address book, and when I sync with NCX I get an error (on the mac side). The number it gives me is "262596". I looked through the list archives and found the same thing had happened to someone else, and Simon had written "It looks like the  
translation of a soup entry -> Sync Service database entry has failed catastrophically."   My mac's error log says quite a few things about "accessing obsolete X509Anchors, losing connections to com.newton.com, and something about the end of the world (kidding). 

So I guess I could contact Simon directly, but if anyone else has a solution it would be great to hear about it. I'm connecting to my newt with a keyspan adapter if that makes any difference.


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