[NTLK] Announcement: Newton Package Installer for iPhone

Коротнев Владислав vladkorotnev at mail.ru
Tue Jun 14 00:34:37 EDT 2011

>Just wanted to give this a little bump as the developer has only
>gotten one tester so far. Anyone with a jailbroken iOS device willing
>to test (you'll need to obtain or make a serial cable too... but
>that's half the adventure, right?)

Thanks for bumping it.
The bad thing is that Russian post easily lost my PodBreakout board. I thought it will end up like that because they tend to lose tiny things.
I asked maczydeco (from namedfork.net) if he could make me such a cable and sell it to me, but haven't got a reply so far.
It's so hard to make an app that controls a device when you haven't even seen the device (In Russia it is possible -- when I was coding some driver in a team, we first had to write an emulator of the device we wanted to control because our employer told us that the device is something "Top secret" for their company and they won't let us see it :P ) or when you can't connect the device :P

Thanks and best wishes,
 ~ Vladislav Korotnev

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